About Us


Note Follower started from an idea to create a set of tokens with a unique identifier on each and ciruclate them through different people. The idea was that when someone came across the token, they would be able to check on a website to see if someone else had added an interesting message or picture for them to see using the token's ID. I wanted to take this idea a step further by giving people the ability to follow an item that already has a unique identifier and is already exchanged frequently. Bank notes are a perfect fit, so I built Note Follower.

How it Works

Note follower is bascially a social network for bank notes, you can create a profile page for each note you add. If a note has already been added by someone else, you can add a post to the note's page. Notes are added by entering their serial number and denomination and saving them, Note Follower supports the top twenty currencies traded worldwide. You can keep a history of notes you've added or have followed under your profile. You can also see a notification when someone posts on a note you have added or followed.

Once enough people are adding notes and posts, the content should become really interesting. You can leave a message for another person who might come across your note in the future or see messages left in the past by people who have used the note. The ultimate goal of Note Follower is to be able to search for any note you come across and see an interesting history of messages left by the people who used it.

Promotions and Conditions

The current promotion is for Australian notes and is running from 19th April 2017 to January 1st 2018 or until all winning notes have been found. The promotion is for Australian residents or anyone visiting Australia with access to an Australian bank account. You must send us your bank details so we transfer you your prize. For anyone logging in with Facebook, you must send us your email address as well as we can't always collect it from your Facebook profile.

Total prize pool is $3,000 in cash. There is no limit to how much of the total prize pool you can win. Each win will be confirmed manually first before the prize money is sent, this may take up to 48 hours. The total number of winning bank notes in circulation is 135, they are divided up by denomination in: 5 lots of $100 notes, 30x $50s, 20x $20s, 40x $10s and 40x $5s.

You do not need to keep any bank notes you have added to claim your prize as a winning note can only be claimed once. The winning note is bound to the user's account that added the note. Winning notes are non-transferable, you can't transfer the win to another person. You must have an Australian bank account to receive your prize. We reserve the right to cancel the promotion at any time. Authorised under NSW Permit LTP 17/13383.

To determine if you have added a winning note: after adding the note, click on your display picture and click on My Notes. A 'Winning note' message will appear in the note's description, you can then send in a message with your bank details and email to claim your prize.


I take user privacy seriously. The purpose of signing up is so you can keep a record of bank notes you have added or followed in your profile. The only personal information exposed to others is your name, this is shown when you have added a note or posted on a note. Your email is used for account management purposes only (such as password resets). If you would like to use an alias or nickname on your account you are encouraged to do so.

You can also login with Facebook if you prefer. Note Follower only requires publicly available information in your profile and your email address and will never post on your profile page.

While your notes can be seen and searched for by anyone publicly, your Note Follower profile contains a list of notes you have added or followed and is personal to you. Your personal information and bank note collection is not shared with any third parties. Note Follower is also not a typical social network, there is no ability for others to search for you by your name or message you directly.